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Best CBD Tinctures: Top 10 CBD Brands Review

There are a ton of CBD tinctures on the market, so to help guide the process, we’ve made a review list of our top 10 best CBD tinctures out there.

How to Find the Best CBD Tincture Brands

Every brand reviewed for this top CBD tincture brand list fulfilled our baseline criteria. When reading CBD tincture reviews, these are prerequisites to keep in mind: 

  1. Organically Grown Hemp. There’s no such thing as organic hemp or CBD, but there is CBD made from organically grown hemp. Since hemp sucks toxins out of the ground, this is a must. If your hemp isn’t grown organically, then there’s no knowing what it’s pulled out of the soil – and therefore what potentially harmful toxins have wound up in your CBD.
  2. Full Range of Products. We aren’t saying that a brand without variety isn’t awesome, but for us, a great CBD tincture brand should meet the needs of a number of different people. Hence, we prefer brand that has hemp oil tinctures with flavor and strength options.
  3. Transparency. The more information a hemp oil gives us on their website, the more we can trust it. This includes things like: uploading their latest 3rd party lab test results, sharing their processes and supply chain and more. Third party lab test results will tell you if the brand’s advertising claims match up to the contents in the bottle.
  4. No FDA Warnings. From 2015-2017, the FDA has sent out warning letters to a number of CBD companies for false claims particularly pertaining to the amount of CBD a product contained. Some of the brands warned by the FDA actually contained zero CBD despite being sold as a CBD oil! While some of these companies may have got their products above board with the FDA, we can’t recommend them without knowing that for sure, particularly if they do not have their most current third party lab results posted for readers to see.

To us, these are basic standards every CBD brand should thrive to meet in their hemp oil tinctures. After hours of research, we found that not a whole lot do – and that’s pretty concerning! 

The Best CBD Tinctures Share 3rd-Party Lab Results

There were a number of CBD companies that would have been on this list if only their 3rd party lab test results had been uploaded on their website. Instead, their websites or packaging just stated all of their hemp oil tincture products had been 3rd party lab tested to the highest standards and so on. But without being able to see the test results instantly, it made us hesitant. Of course, we could have filled out the contact form, asking to see the lab results, but should a customer really have to go to that trouble? We think it’s a hemp company’s job to educate a customer, not a customer’s job to go on a digging excavation!

Here are our top 10 best CBD tinctures, in no particular order:

best cbd tinctures CBDPureCBDPure Hemp Oil

CBDPure may not be as well-known as some of the other CBD brands on the market, but it’s a high quality product. They check out on all our important criteria: organic-standards, no FDA warning, and they’ve uploaded recent 3rd party lab test results. One drawback is that they only offer three strengths: 100, 300, and 600mg, and they offer no flavor options. Despite this, the CBDPure has earned a place on our list of best CBD tinctures. 

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Hempure CBD

Hempure CBD tinctures

Hempure CBD is a great brand of CBD drops that checks off all the necessary boxes. In addition, all of their products are full spectrum CBD which we always prefer. They use domestic, organically grown hemp that is totally GMO-free. Hempure CBD has one of the largest hemp oil tincture lines we’ve seen. With four strengths (100, 250, 500, and 1000) and three flavors (Peppermint, Lemon and No Flavor), Hempure CBD offers twelve different CBD tinctures to choose from. Hempure CBD does a wonderful job equipping customers with knowledge through their CBD Library. You can also enroll in Hempure’s online course to learn more about CBD, the endocannabinoid system, and how they work together to make you feel your best. Definitely something worth checking out.

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cw hemp oil cbd tincture

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is quite possibly the most well-known CBD brand out there. The reason is in part because they were on the market earlier than most, but also because it’s a great product.  They’ve been featured on almost every major news site at least once, so if you’ve done any reading about CBD at all, chances are, you already know about Charlotte’s Web. Their products come in two flavors: Mint chocolate & Olive Oil, and in three strengths: Regular, Plus, and Advanced. It should be noted that the packaging and descriptions for Charlotte’s Web might be confusing. Unlike other brands that label the milligrams of CBD in an entire bottle , they do not.

Another thing we like about CW is they have a buy 4 get one free bulk purchasing incentive.

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Elixinol Respira Hemp Oil CBD


Elixonal meets all our standard requirements to be on the list of top 10 best CBD tinctures on the market today. Elixinol totally transparent about their hemp oil drops with certificates available on each product. They offer two lines of hemp oil drops: CBD hemp oil drops and Respira hemp oil drops. Elixinol’s CBD hemp oil drops isn’t isolate, but it’s not quite full spectrum; it includes some other natural molecules. However, Respira is the brand’s full spectrum option.

Visit Elixinolfab cbd tincture citrus best cbd tinctures review

Fab. CBD

You should never judge a book by its cover…but Fab CBD does have some pretty cool packaging. On to more important things, Fab covers all its bases. They use organically grown hemp, upload 3rd party test results, and overall they have a good reputation. They have three flavors and four strengths for a total of twelve hemp oil tincture options. The flavored options (citrus & mint) have no added sugars which is a bonus. Also, Fab. CBD uses CO2 Hemp Extract Cannabidiol. This method is thought to be better for the environment and less toxic than extraction processes that use fossil fuels.

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Lazarus Naturals CBD tincturesLazarus Naturals

If you’re a vegan, then you will appreciate that Lazarus Naturals only sells vegan products – including their capsules. But we’re here to talk about their hemp oil tinctures. Lazarus Naturals offers three sizes for every strength: 15ml, 60ml and 120ml. This is different from most companies which only offer 30ml bottles. This flexibility allows you to try a bit or commit! Though we like Lazarus Naturals’ products, their website could use an upgrade to match the quality of their products. Still, they offer some of the best CBD tinctures. 

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Best CBD reviews Bluebird Botanicals Bluebird Botanicals

BluBirds Botanicals gets bonus points for transparency. They catalog each lot/batch number with the corresponding test results in an accessible way. This level of transparency definitely earns them a place on the top 10 hemp oil extracts list. Bluebird Botanicals products are high quality, but it may take a little reading to understand their products. For example, the byline of their product Hemp Classic CBD Oil may be confusing: Hemp extract & CBD hemp seed oil. If you’ve read up on hemp seed oil you know that’s different from CBD, so what exactly are you buying? It seems to us that this particular product uses a CBD isolate and mixes it with a hemp seed oil base to make a full spectrum oil. All that aside, we still think Bluebird Botanicals deserves to be on the list of best CBD tinctures. 

Visit Bluebird BotanicalsHighland Pharms 10 best cbd tincturesHighland Pharms

Highland Pharms uses Colorado organically grown, non-GMO Hemp to make their line of CBD Hemp Oil. Unlike other brands Highland Pharms sells strong 100ml and 120ml bottles. If you need to take a high dose of CBD every day, then Highland Pharms’ 15,000mg (that’s not a typo!) is something definitely worth considering. It may be tough to spend $799.95 on CBD at one go, but when you do the math that’s only around 5 cents per mg – and that’s very cheap.  Price & quality earned Highland Pharms a place on our top 10 best CBD brands list. 

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best cbd reviews tinctures Pure SpectrumPure Spectrum CBD

Pure Spectrum CBD seems to be a little be a little less known than some of these other hemp oil companies, but that’s not a reflection on their product. This company offers both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD at varying strengths. Another plus point for Pure Spectrum CBD is that they offer an XL size bottle (120ml) in two strengths: 2500 mg or 1250 mg. Unfortunately, if you want flavored CBD, you’ll have to go with another brand.

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HempWorx best hemp oil tincturesHempWorx

In addition to meeting our basic requirements to be named one of the best hemp oil tinctures around, HempWorx made it to our list for one very important reason: they’re the only company we came across with a 30 day empty bottle return policy. You can literally use the entire product (within 30 days) and mail them an empty bottle and get a full refund. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask us! Unlike other brands, however, HempWorx only comes in two strengths: 500mg and 750mg. If you don’t want to use a lot of CBD per serving all you have to do is reduce the amount you take. If you take a full dropper of a 250mg brand, then take half a dropper of HempWorx 500mg.

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We are sure that there are other great brands not on our CBD tincture review list. However, these are CBD brands that deserved a shoutout for their high quality products. Don’t see your favorite CBD brand listed on our list of top 10 best CBD tinctures? You can contact us and tell us about it or even offer your own CBD product review. Get in touch here


Charlotte’s Web and Green Roads Health are on our list despite having received a warning letter from the FDA. We made an exception because the letter was related to do marketing tactics rather than lab test results. In short, the FDA determined Charlotte’s Web (aka Stanley Brothers) and Green Roads Health were claiming their CBD could potentially diagnose, treat or cure a disease – which supplements aren’t allowed to do.