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Amazing Hemp Products You Must Try!

There are tons of hemp products out there, which is awesome but also makes it hard to know which are amazing and which are…meh. We put together this ever growing list of the most amazing hemp products that are worthy of your time to help you narrow in on some cool stuff.

Hemp Products: Health & Food

Nutiva Hemp Protein

Vegans looking for a protein supplement powder should definitely consider Nutiva Hemp Protein. Aside from being a pure form of protein, Nutiva has all nine essential amino acids, Omega 3 and6 fatty acids, and is a great source of fiber. It’s definitely a great addition to any diet.

Hempure CBD tinctures - best hemp productsHempure CBD Tinctures

Hempure makes full-spectrum, organically-grown CBD tinctures in a variety of strengths and flavors. There are no added sugars or sweeteners, nor is there a funky aftertaste like you get with some CBD tinctures. Hempure CBD is a great option for anyone looking for a daily CBD product. Hempure also makes CBD gummies, softgels and more!

Nutiva Hemp Oil

Nutiva makes a lot of good plant-based products. In addition to their hemp protein, Nutiva cold-pressed hempseed oil is really worth trying out. Hemp oil isn’t meant for pan frying items; instead consume it raw as a salad dressing or tossed in with pasta or on freshly steamed veggies.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Sprinkle some Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts on a salad, smoothie, or yogurt for a boost of plant-based protein, omega-3 and omega-6.

Nature’s Path Hemp Hearts Granola

What better way to start your morning than with a healthy serving of fiber and protein? Toss some fresh berries in Nature’s Path Hemp Hearts Granola and you’ve got yourself a nutrient-packed breakfast that’s tasty too.

Hemp Drinks

good hemp milk - best hemp products

Good Hemp Milk

Good Hemp Milk is a great dairy alternative for vegans. Not only will you get calcium and Vitamin D2, you’ll also get 50% of your recommended daily Omega 3.

Colorado High

Colorado High vodka

Bet you didn’t know hemp vodka was a thing, did you? Well, it is and it’s definitely tasty.

Colorado High hemp vodka is unique from traditional vodka because it doesn’t have that traditional “vodka bite”. Instead, it pretty smooth. Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean.

TVM Hemp Wine (Cocktails)

If hemp vodka can be a thing, well hempwine can be a thing too – or at least hemp wine cocktails. TVM Hemp Wines are the first legal hemp-infused wine cocktails in USA. We recommend you try the Texas Tea Wine Cocktail.

Canna Energy Drink

Can an energy drink be free of artificial colors, flavors and high calorie sweeteners? Yep, it can if it’s Canna! Canna Energy is made with hemp oil, organic caffeine and other high quality ingredients to bring you a better energy drink.

Hemp Products: Hemp Shoes


Vans is a popular shoe brand so the fact that they are making hemp shoes is totally exciting. You can get classic lace up Vans or their trademark slip on shoes in cotton hemp blends. We love to see hemp shoes going main stream!

Keep Company

Keep Company’s The RAMOS Nav is a mid-top shoe made from unbleached hemp and original custom woven accent. Both men and women will love these cool hemp shoes.

rawganique - hemp shoes ballerina


The Giselle Ballerinas by Rawganique are natural & eco-dyed, available in red, teal and beachstone. Simple yet elegant, these hemp ballerina slippers are perfect for everyday wear and look fantastic with a summer dress.


Their name means “fun” in Thai, and Sanuk’s Donna Hemp shoes are exactly that. And what’s more fun? You can twin with your kiddo: get the adult-size Donna Hemp and the Kids’ Lil Donna Hemp and the whole fam can match in some great hemp shoes.

donna hemp shoes sanuk

Hemp Clothes

Hemp Blue

Hemp blue stylish hemp jeans

Although the legend that the first pair of Levi’s was made from hemp is probably not true, it is true that Hemp jeans are real. Hemp Blue makes stylish hemp jeans (of course they do: an Armani designer leads the company). This is one sustainable fashion brand you must check out. They only have a few cuts right now, but we expect this company to grow like a (hemp) weed.


Here’s another example of a mainstream brand turning to our favorite eco-friendly material: hemp! Patagonia makes hemp-cotton blend everyday clothes like hemp shorts, shirts, jackets and even hemp overalls! These hemp products are must-haves for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

Nomad’s Hemp Wear

Nomad’s Hemp Wear has been bringing the world hemp fashion for more than 14 years. As the name may give away, their style is borderline hippy/bohemian, but there are definitely some staple pieces that work for any fashion style. Not all of their clothes are made with hemp, so check the material of each individual piece. That said, most of their products are sustainable fashion made of materials like bamboo and cotton.

hemp clothes sustainable fashion

Hemp Accessories

hemp eyewear - best hemp products

Hemp Eyewear

You might not expect hemp products to extend to eyewear, but yes, a hemp glasses company does exist. Even though you may only replace them once every few years, but most eyewear is far from sustainable. Why not make the switch to more natural, sustainable eyewear with Hemp Eyewear? They make stylish optical and sunglasses.


Hemp4Life is a cool Etsy shop with great hand crocheted hemp beanies that are warm enough for a light winter and not too hot for spring or early summer. To keep it soft, the hats are a 50-50 hemp-cotton blend.


This is another Etsy shop that makes interesting fair trade hemp wallets. Their products are primarily made by a women’s coop in Nepal, so that’s another win!

Hemp Beauty Products: Body, Skin & Hair

Hippie Butter - one of many great hemp products

Hippie Butter Hemp Oil Shampoo

Hemp oil shampoo can be really good for hair, especially dry or brittle hair. Hemp oil is similar to the lipids naturally found in our hair which is why it works so well! Hippie Butter is great because it’s fragrance-free, paraben-free and kelp-free.

Bear’s Beauty Hemp Deodorant

bear's beauty natural hemp deodorant

One of the worries most people have when switching from a toxic deodorant to something all natural is: will it really work? Bear’s Beauty Hemp Deodorant works all day and doesn’t clog your pores with toxins. Comes in four types: max protection, original, sensitive andclear.

Dope Soap on a Rope

Okay, it’s a no-brainer that someone was going to come along and make a hemp seed oil called “Dope Soap” but this brand took it to another level adding the “rope” rhyme.

Dope Soap on a Rope is exactly what it sounds like: a hemp leaf shaped soap made out of hemp seed oil that’s also attached to a rope. They offer a ton of interesting scents like Maui Wowie – Lavander Orange or their bestseller, Northern Lights – Eucalyptus Peppermint. If you’re not into the leaf shape, for some reason they also make trout soap on arope, also made out of hemp seed oil.hemp leaf shaped soap

Have we overlooked one of your favorite hemp products? If so, let us know.